DUI/DWI Lawyer in Piscataway, NJ

Man drinking alcohol and driving — Criminal Defense Lawyer in Piscataway, NJ
The attorneys at Stanton and Stieh, P.A. have represented clients in hundreds of Drunk Driving Cases. Our attorneys include a former Municipal Prosecutor and have experience in criminal defense work with the Office of the Public Defender.

This allows our firm the unique experience of being able to see each individual case from the perspective of both sides in preparing your defense. It also gives us deeper insight into the procedures of the local courts in which we serve our clients.
Be assured that our attorneys utilize highly specialized experts and investigators that can aid in examining your case to help provide you with the very best defense possible. If necessary they will prepare reports for Court and can testify as expert witnesses on your behalf.
The Drunk Driving and DUI Laws and penalties in the State of New Jersey are complicated. They vary in degree and scope, from suspension of your driver's license to incarceration. It is important to know your legal rights and how the guidance of an experienced attorney can help you obtain the best possible result.
If you have been issued a drunk driving summons, be sure to contact us immediately for a confidential consultation regarding the penalties you may face, the circumstances which may benefit you, and how we may help you prepare the very best defense.
We've been able to help many people in your situation. Contact us today!